Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bout of Books Summary

Books: 3

Pages: 1041

I think I did quite well don't you?

This is my first time doing any kind of read-a-thon since they always sound daunting. I didn't stick to my rather ambitious plan (here) but I think I did well. It's self-evident that it picked up much more after my rehearsals were over and the show done. I read a book a day over the weekend. This in mind, you could argue that my original plan wasn't too far-fetched.

I want to say that I didn't really hop around the participators during the week and I regret not doing so and not taking part in the challenge. I put it down to being busy again, but really there is no excuse. So here I say well done to everyone since you all read loads in light of your busy lives and what-not. Really, I was just a bit lazy since it was my time off. Ah well.

Also, every review posted after November 8th will be (drum-roll) completely new and none of the old ones I have written. Reading them myself, I can see that they've got better (I hope so!) but I can see my own mood-shifts while writing them. I'm going to pull the teenager hormone card on this front.

The books I read during the read-a-thon will also be up soon, but probably not before next week. The mass reading I had threw me into a bit of a reading slump, to which the best medicine is forced reading. Everything should be back on track soon.

A final thing: Good Luck to all you NaNoWriMo-ers! I wish I could take part, but I decided it wouldn't work out and I'd end up stressed and prioritising against this commitment. Maybe in two years time, after my exams and stuff have slowed down. Know that every hour of every day I am sending creative vibes to all of you.

Happy reading!


  1. Glad you got a bunch of reading done! I've never been able to do readathons or reading challenges. I'm best at doing things I don't /have/ to do. I can read a kajillion books a year, so long as no one is expecting me to read them. :-)

    Blogging improves everyone's writing over time--there's something about continually putting our thoughts down in a public format that makes us grow as writers. It's a nice byproduct of the hobby.

  2. Thanks! I think I like the challenge because it encourages me, but I feel stressed if it comes to the end and I've fallen behind. I KNOW you can read a kajillion books a year. I follow you, remember? :-P

    I really hop it does. My English Teacher once said "Your writing is like trying to swim in treacle". She meant it in a nice way, and she was trying to help, so I love that she said that. I should have called my blog that: Swimming Through Treacle. One probably grows because you are always trying to be clear and succinct, but cover the important points. It's like a fun, non-obligatory English essay. The only problem is mood swings!

  3. Tiger reads a kajillion books A DAY!

    I love this: I should have called my blog that: Swimming Through Treacle.

    I'm with Tiger - tell me to read something and I shut right down. NO! lol

  4. If I ever get to a point that I make a blog button (long way away) I think I'll write that on it. Or if I just decide to change my blog name.

  5. Great job on the read-a-thon!

    I can't seem to get into read-a-thons. It's too much pressure!

  6. Thanks! I am proud of what I did accomplish, even though I'd planned to do better. A mean, a book a day over the weekend is quite impressive!