Sunday, 20 November 2011

Checking In

Okay, hi!

I formally announce that I am here to make an excuse for being AWOL on the internet almost completely.

I've been busy (I sound like a broken record) so even though I'm most keeping up with reading and life and other things, my social networking participation has plummeted recently. I check up on Twitter, but I ain't active and I'm only just on top of blogs. Life's too hard I tell you! It's good thing I didn't do NaNoWriMo otherwise I'm sure I'd be a festering puddle of fungus on the floor by this point.


I've got two reviews I hope to get up this week, but after that things will likely slow down. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I surpassed by 50 book-mark for this year, and I'm now on 51. Doing the maths, it's obvious I only read about a book a week; which is quite good I think! I tell you this since I likely won't be getting two reviews a week at least until Christmas. To compensate, I'm going to try and do at least one hop a week to show that I'm still alive and a book lover. I might try and read some short books but I don't know.

And, to forewarn you, I'll be taking time off blogging come December 20th until about Mid-January for two reasons. One is that I'll be busy over Christmas with family, friends and other things that will mean I'll struggle to sit down and get too much done. The second reason is that come January I have three A-Level exams. (Which, if you're not aware of British schooling, are the exams after turning 16 but before University). They're Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Most of you will look at that and exhale like you've just been punched in the stomach, but I am good at them. Maths and Further Maths will be a walk in a windy park (mildly challenging) but Physics is going to require a fair bit of work and practise.

Thinking about it, I may not completely disappear because I'll need a way to unwind without de-stimulating my brain so blogging might cut it, but I can't promise it. I only mention this now so it doesn't seem out of the blue. It really jolts me when bloggers disappear suddenly. There is nothing wrong with that, and I understand there are unforeseeable circumstances in the future, but I still feel a tad deserted. I'm just trying to avoid that.

Anyway, happy reading!


  1. I'm taking some time off too. It seems quite a few bloggers are and the holidays seem like the perfect excuse since we're all busy.
    I've been reading a lot of novellas lately and it seems to be helping. I still get to read and I can finish a few a week so I feel like I accomplished something.

  2. I actually read a book earlier in about 4 hours! Yay novellas! I have the same satisfaction in finishing as well so I may buy a few for when reading becomes hard with time constraints!

  3. Ohh those January exams are the worst! Always feels like you don't quite have enough time and teachers always expect you to revise over Christmas and it's like, "Duh! Christmas.." Good luck!!

  4. Tell me about it! And Christmas is my favourite time of the year, what gives them the right to commandeer my happiness. But we were warned last year that if I want to go to University too, we won't have proper holidays for 5-6 years. Depressing really. Thankfully, they shouldn't be too bad, but AS is so important for getting points to help A2. It's all about playing the system and it's infuriating.