Review Policy and Contact Details

I'm only just starting, but I'll just set up a basic idea of things that I can refine later, if needed.

Primarily you can find me on Twitter or e-mail me since I use them most often. Twitter is the one I'm most likely to read first though:

Twitter: @AlexConno

E-mail: alessandroconno at hotmail dot com (I'm only writing like this to reduce the dreaded spam mail)

I will review:

  • Fantasy- High, Urban, really any fantasy at all
  • YA- This a relatively new like for me, and I'm still finding out what I like
Only accepting above for an indeterminable amount of time since my TBR pile is growing too quickly, and I have also have school.

The only two genres I've never wanted to read are:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Angel Books
Saying that though, it does not mean I wouldn't consider reading them. I would love to learn to like them.

Review Info
I will usually be able to read a book given for review within three weeks of having received it, but this is liable to change. Provided you contact me, I can be more precise about the time I have available.

Also, if you ask me to review during Christmas, and June-July (exam period) there will obviously be an increased chance of me putting off the book until that season/those months are over.

Guest Post
I am happy to both have and do guest posts. If the guest poster is willing, perhaps a blog switch is a good idea (you post on mine, I post in yours). For authors, this need not apply for obvious reasons. Also, even though I almost exclusively post memes and reviews, I will accept guest posts of any kind if I can approve the post beforehand.

Author Interviews are also great.

Most, if not all, of my reviews will be posted here, on Goodreads and usually also on Amazon, though I forget the last quite often.