Thursday, 26 January 2012

Magical March Challenge

A reading challenge, hosted by Adam from, is one that seems perfect for me. The aim is to read books that fall under any kind of fantasy label, be they Urban, Young Adult or Epic Fantasy; Science Fiction, so Dystopians or Steampunk are also good; as well as Magical Realism... which I'm not sure as to the meaning. These must be read throughout March. The rules, direct from the source, are:

  1. You must register with the Mister Linky below prior to March 5th in order to be eligible to participate.
  2. You must read only “new” books – meaning, no re-reads are allowed.  Books for other challenges can be cross-used for this one, but you must read the book and review it in the month of March (previously completed books for other challenges do not qualify).
  3. You must link up each book review to a separate Mister Linky, which will be available on March 5th (once registrations close).
  4. Challengers must post on their blog an “Announcement” post, indicating they are participating in this challenge and which level they hope to attain. One completer from each “Class” will be randomly selected to win the corresponding prize for that level. 
    1. You do not need to meet your level in order to win a prize.  If you aim for “Grand Merlin Class” but only achieve “Magician’s Class,” you will still be entered into the Magician’s Prize Pool!
    2. You do not need to list your books in advance, but I plan on doing so (to keep me motivated and to help me stay organized). 
  5. Any Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Magical Realism books will qualify.  This means you can read Young Adult, Dystopian, Steampunk, or Alternative Histories.
There are levels of participation, based upon how much you think you'll read for the hop. They are:

Magician’s Class:               1-2 Books Read & Reviewed        1 Book $10 or Less
Sorcerer’s Class:                3-5 Books Read & Reviewed        1 Book $12 or Less
Wizard’s Class:                  6-7 Books Read & Reviewed         1 Book $15 or Less
Grand Merlin Class:            8+ Books Read & Reviewed          1+  Book(s) $20 or Less
I'd like love to go for the Grand Merlin class because I have more than 8 books that fall into those categories. Besides my classics, I think most of my to-read novels fall into that category. This is fantastic for me so I'm really going to try. But, I'm only going to aim for the Sorcerer's Class since it is the one I know I can achieve notwithstanding a sudden death. 
However, I'm going to try for Grand Merlin as much as possible!
I won't plan my books, since I won't enjoy them as much, but I'm hoping to read a few of my series (i.e. Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire and Chronicles of the Necromancer) and possibly get the Eleventh Plague (by Jeff Hirsch), Runemarks (by Joanne Harris) and The Girl of Fire and Thorns (by Rae Carson) in there between the others. 


  1. Glad you're joining us! I was going to read The Hobbit since the movie is coming out, but he won't let us count rereads! :) I may just read it in March anyway! Enjoy Lord of the Rings!

  2. Good luck doing this challenge

    I tried to email you ...I also didn't get the other email :( I did try to send one to you.

    The girl of Fire and Thorns is good book

  3. Alex! I'm glad you're joining us in this one! Sorcerer's Class looks like a popular level.. wonder if anyone will make it all the way to Grand Merlin?! I'm not even going to pretend that I'd be able to do it... maybe if I plow through the Chronicles of Narnia series?

    I don't know any of the books on your "possible" list - so I look forward to reading those reviews!

  4. Correction: Haven't heard of any OTHER than Lord of the Rings. I've read that + The Hobbit - great, great series.

  5. Aw, what a great challenge! I wish I'd heard of this one sooner -- I've already reached my challenge threshold for the year. Looking forward to your reviews, though!