Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Hop Douze

I'm just going to say how happy it makes me to see that the first Follow Friday/TGIF hop of 2012, is my twelfth Friday hop. I love when things are coincidental like that, since this will never happen again!

Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

I'm proud to say that my count is only around 40 including my physical books and eBooks. I'm kind of proud of this since it's more achievable in thinking about it than the hundreds other people seem to have. I'm one smug so-and-so right now!

But good luck to you all.

Reading Resolutions: What are some of your reading goals for the new year?

I'm not one for resolutions. I tend to not make any and then enjoy myself watching everyone else stumbling around as they try to achieve their own. I'm not a sadist (really!) but my cynical side tells me it's practically impossible to keep up with something for a year. When I have goals for something, they have developed more organically and gradually as time goes on. But I'll give you my organic goals.

  •     Read 50 books. This is with Goodreads and I'm sticking with the same target as last year because it is achievable and I don't want to be stressed with reading, blogging and school all vying for time.
  •     Mix up reading. I have system of reading books of three different types in order. The first book of this must be a book I've been requested to review, then the second and third books must be a Fantasy/YA/Dystopia then a Classic (or Classic first then Fantasy/YA/Dystopia), It allows me to choose what I want to read (in a way) but still keep my productivity high in terms of reading everything.
  •     Get a Kindle. I'm getting to a point where I feel a kindle is practically necessary in order for me to read eBooks that I want and to have an easy way to read with me all the time. Also, free classics is nice! So I have a Kindle Plan. In the Interest of being healthy, I'm trying to eat less chocolate and the best way for me to do that is to not be allowed to buy chocolate or sweets for myself, or knowledgably have them bought for me. If at any point i am tempted to get any, then the money I would spend is to be taken and put towards a Kindle Fund. Either I'll get the Kindle, since I'm weak and find myself constantly tempted, or frugality will win and I'll stop buying chocolate for myself. Or I could not get a Kindle, but still buy truckloads of sweets. I try not to think that is an option. I find that if I have a feasible and desirable target like this, I should do better in achieving something.
Thanks for hopping by! Leave a comment if you want, and I'll be sure to hop back and comment if I can.

Also, if you're a non-follower, Happy New Year to you, since I can't have possibly wished you one!


  1. New follower. This remark: "I'm one smug so-and-so right now!" elicited an appreciative chuckle from me. I see that you like dystopian literature. Have you read Divergent? Looking forward to your reviews!

  2. New follower!

    40 is a really good number! Especially compared to mine. Definitely achievable, I think.

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

  3. Hopping through. 40 is definitely manageable. You can read them and then buy more!
    My Hop

  4. Hi Alex
    When you get to my age, 56, you will find that the number of purchased but unread books goes up significantly... I have subscribed to your blog and good luck with your reading journey. And just to be pendantic shouldn't grammatarian be grammarian?