Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas and New Year's!

Happy New Year everyone!

Here's hoping it isn't the end of the world this year, as the Mayans said! Having that, I won't ask for anything else.

I just thought I'd do one thing today: to list the books I got over the holidays (since I get my books in large chunks at a time, I find IMM wouldn't suit me). So here goes:


Non-Fantasy YA
General and Classical Fiction
I've still got a whole host of things to read from 2011 (mostly novels left unread from my Birthday), and I have a friend I'm seeing soon and we've got gifts to exchange. So I might have more. But I hinted at him getting me Tolkien so just assume I got more Tolkien too!

I considered making resolution, but I rather dislike doing that. I can't stick to them beyond February, and though I'll try and change little things, I don't want to make huge commitments. I'll try to post a review at least weekly (I'm sorry, I can't manage much more!) and I'll be installing a daily hour of reading in future.

Happy Reading for the New Year!


  1. Enjoy The Book Thief. Can't put how amazing that book was into words.

    And you should still participate in the IMM fun! You could do something like me-I feature one book that I've bought but haven't read yet each week. I narrate each video as the book in question, explaining (to myself) why I should actually read the piece. It's good fun indeed!

  2. I will. It's supposed to be something really special. You do? I've only really just followed you (well, maybe since Sunday) when I followed about 4 new blogs. I'll seek out your IMM post and see how you do it. What you're doing sounds like a marvellous idea though! It's probably a good way to stay engaged in the books and look forward to them!

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