Wednesday, 28 September 2011

An apology

At the moment, I have just returned to school. It's my twelfth year in British Education and is a big jump from last year in terms of work and the commitment you have to have to get things done. Add onto this GCSE Classics and weekly theatre trips (evenings) I am struggling to work my way through books. In order to compensate for this, for as long as they last I will have reviews scheduled to post twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, that I wrote before starting a blog.

I only have about 10, but it will get some more material of mine out there and hopefully give you an idea of the books I read, what I think of books, and whether or not you like me.

Also, as a warning, this includes my first reviews and you will probably notice certain oddities in them that are unusual or clumsy. Feel free to point them out, because despite being old, they're not that old and everyone can do with some self improvement.

P.S. I might drop in from time to time for hops (since they are answering question that take seconds to read rather than entire books) or anything else I think important. I may, but don't count on it, even try to write something about my opinion on banned books but, I have to say, there are enough of them and I agree with so many it's unbelievable.

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