Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Hop Cinq

“What is your favorite type of candy?”

That's a good question. I'm assuming I can't say I just like candy full-stop? No? Okay then...

I think I'd have to say marshmallows. I love chocolate (in forced moderation) and I adore gummy sweets too. I disgust myself really since I can easily just eat and eat and eat when it comes to sweets and I have to wake up and stop myself. I choose marshmallows though because they have different ways to be eaten. Option A: Eat generally. Just rip open the bag and enjoy. Personally this is my favourite since I love the airy squashyness of fresh marshmallow. Option B: Toast them. You can do this on a stick/poker/other utensil. Also, though I'm not sure, you can also get smores or something can't you? I've never had them myself but I think that's because Option A has more immediate satisfaction. Option C: You can have them with Hot Chocolate (not to mention the whipped cream, chocolate shavings and whatever else is around!) and they are divine. I even like when they fall into the Hot Chocolate itself and half dissolve.

Q: What superhero is your alter-ego?

I'm not really Superhero-savvy, but I think I'd say Professor. X from X-Men. A bit ambitious, you might say, but it's more to do with his attitude. He's disabled, but doesn't let it be an issue. His greatest asset is his mind, distinctly a quality of any human. Also, he wants peace, acceptance and fairness among humans and mutants and you can't disagree with that. Also, telepathy is quite cool. I think I mostly just like him because he's like the Oracle in Greek Mythology, except he doesn't know everything. He's just really intelligent and a pretty good guesser. A man after my own heart.


  1. Hopping by to say hello! I have to admit, I'm not a huge marshmallow eater, although I do like a few in a cup of cocoa. I'm more of a texture person, so that also probably has something to do with it.

    Happy Hopping!

  2. I love Professor X too!!! He never let his disability get in his way!


  3. Wow. X-Men are really getting some love tonight. I really enjoyed your reasons for choosing Professor X.

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  4. Professor X is a great one!
    Also, I now want marshmallows. You've never had Smores?? You must remedy that.
    Have a great weekend Alex!

  5. I've seen lots of X-Men today :) and S'mores are the best ever! You definitely need to try some

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  6. I miss marshmallows since becoming a vegetarian :(
    Love Prof X

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  7. Professor Xavier is very cool. I think X-men are on the list today, mine too.
    New follower, great page BTW.

  8. You know, you said marshmallows at first, and I was all 'meh' but then you kept talking about the awesome possibilities and now I'm drooling at the thought of marshmallows! So...good job, there. :D

    I do love them half-melted in hot chocolate though. Mmm, so so good.

    Happy Friday to you! My FF is over here if you'd like to stop by.

  9. Nice! Prof. X...

    Well... I'm embarrassed to show mine! But it's too late to edit the post! The first hero that came to mind is RAPHAEL from the Ninja Turtles. LOL!

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  10. Just hopping through!

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    Happy Friday!

    - Sarah
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  11. Hopping through. I love marshmallows! My dog loves them too. I like them dipped in chocolate. If they get hard you can microwave them.
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