Monday, 5 March 2012

Book Blogger Confessions- Positives

This is for book bloggers to talk about life as a book bloggers: the ups and the downs. This week, it's an up!

Let's talk about the positive side of blogging! How has blogging influenced your real life in a positive way? (not related to books or reading) Have you learned to be organized or are you more social now for example?

In some ways I am more critical of things. I don't mean I wander about judging everything, but I reach conclusions quicker than I used to, which is nice. It's also good how when watching a film or television, I can see the little things that I think will later be important. I've always been reasonably good at guessing what would happen in a film, but book blogging has cause that to grow since it helps me see other people's opinions on things and I can look at things in a way I wouldn't have previously considered. And if it's not a genre I'm familiar with, it helps me get a little insight into its tropes or typical elements.

The other way it has changed me is that I think I'm more confident. As an online persona, I don't think I come across as shy or exceedingly quiet, but I'm much more so in real life. Even in my own friendship groups I'm liable to sit quietly and absorb what's going on around me and make the occasional comment. But blogging and getting responses to what I say is a nice way to find that my opinions aren't idiotic and won't be brushed-off. The few times I've been (rightly) challenged, I haven't felt like backing down. It has something to do with the fact that with books it is an opinion or an interpretation and as such no one can really say to you that what you say doesn't matter because everyone is allowed to interpret things as they see fit and comment how they want to. This idea has sort of also altered my own personal beliefs about life and relationships, but it's something I only notice now I stop to think about it.

Ironically enough, I think book blogging has made me slightly more unorganised!!! I'm a naturally organised person: my wardrobe is arrange by the type of clothes, then by colour. My drawers are arranged according to what I use most often, and how easily I need to be able to access them. It's hard to explain in some ways, but I am someone who organises everything if my mind wander enough; my worst problem is that I can't leave loose change messy and uncounted. I have to pile it and count it before doing anything else; which isn't arduous, but it has to be done. Yet since book blogging, my desk keeps getting messy. Previously, it was pristine; everything was in line and all but at right angles to everything else. Nowadays, it's lucky to see it like that because I just can't find the time to tidy it. But it is still a good thing! I'm too organised so it's good that I've been able to allow a little chaos.

Anyone else have some strange, yet still beneficial changes???


  1. nods head ...sounds like my life with a little choas in it.

  2. I am SO shy. If we were to meet we would probably sit in our respective corners and then observe everything around us.
    Blogging has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone! SO FAR. It's a struggle for me even now but this forces me to get out there and interact with people. It's scary but really good for me.
    I'm still very unorganized now but in a weird organized way. I know that doesn't make any sense lol
    I'm always planning things in my head now for the blog. Like - this is a good song - maybe I'll do a Tune in Tuesday for it.
    I also enjoy the fact that I've met a lot of people to talk things over with who are able to agree to disagree. You touched on it a bit but in my real life friendships, disagreements seem to lead to hurt feelings. In blogging we seem more respectful.

  3. Bwa-ha-ha! I'm a messy blogger, too. I've got books here (in no particular order) and notebooks there, and pens poking out of every corner of the desk. Before I blogged, I had no reason to keep all this stuff right within arm's reach, so my desk looks crazier post-blogging than it did before. :-)

    You and Karen with your shyness! Am I the only dramatic chatterbox blogger? I think so.